West Knoxville Light Show

We have been working for weeks on the new light show this year that is 10 times bigger than previous years. We are going to launch it 11/24/2017 at around 6:30 pm EST baring any technical issues. We are sure you will be dazzled by our new show with MANY MANY more lights. We look forward to seeing you all this year.

To put into perspective, we have over 20,000 lights, over 175 extension cords, and 10 controllers active for this year’s show.




We love to make people smile, and give back to the community. If you like our light show, please show your appreciation by making a donation to those in need through Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee by clicking the logo below.

Donations to West Knox Light Show directly to help support purchases of equipment, lights, and hosting are greatly appreciated by clicking the link below