West Knoxville Light Show

To create the show sequences with music and light control, we use various creation softwares and coding and use Light-O-Rama Software to do the show itself and scheduling.

Equipment we use to run the show:

  • Multiple Light-O-Rama Controllers
  • 1 Windows 7 Control Computer
  • SanDevices DMX Controller for Pixel Tree
  • Many Cat 5 Ethernet cables to connect
  • Stereo amplifier and outdoor speakers, with an FM Transmitter on 91.5

The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software allows you to design your own light shows. The software is then used to runyour shows and play any associated music (MP3 format). Output from the PC sound card is input to a stereo amplifier,then to outdoor speakers to play the music accompanying the show. Small converters manufactured by Light-O-Ramaconvert the PC’s serial port or USB port to RS485. Unlike serial or USB, RS485 can go thousands of feet and allows manycontrollers to be daisy-chained. We are using the RS485 setup.

Commands from the PC to the lighting controllers are sent over standard CAT-5 LAN cables. AC power is supplied to thelighting controller to power the its electronics and the attached line voltage light strings. Light-O-Rama manufactures lightingcontrollers that can perform a number of effects, including on/off, intensities, smooth fading up/down, twinkling, shimmering.Commands from the PC are performed by the controller. Power to each of the attached lighting circuits (in this case 32) iscontrolled independently. Think of having 32 dimmer switches that the computer can change very quickly and independently.

The Light-O-Rama (LOR) Sequence Editor is used to create musical sequences. It uses Microsoft’s Media Player to play and retrieve song timing. To achieve maximum flexibility using LOR products you must use Constant Bit Rate (CBR) MP3 files and they should be recorded at 128 Kbps. These settings produce a CD quality recording. Below is a screenshot of the LOR sequence editor showing channels and light control instructions in color. If you want to learn more about the LOR software,click this link. http://www.lightorama.com/





















We also use the SanDevices Pixel Controller for our Mega Tree, where all 2400 color channels can create a dazzling display with animations, video sequences, etc.

SanDevices RGB LED pixel controllers are used by: Holiday Displays

  • Night Clubs
  • Broadway and other Stage Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Amusement Parks
  • Mardi Gras Floats
  • Burning Man Vehicles

RGB pixels allow you to independently control the color and brightness of each individual pixel to allow unlimited lighting design creativity.

A large matrix of pixels can even be used to display text, images, even videos.

Coupled with the proper software running on a PC or laptop, SanDevices pixel controllers can create light displays that are synchronized to music.

Light-O-Rama displays can use as few as 16 channels or hundreds of channels depending on the budgetand complexity of the display, and many many more integrating the SanDevices Pixel Controllers.



We love to make people smile, and give back to the community. If you like our light show, please show your appreciation by making a donation to those in need through Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee by clicking the logo below.

Donations to West Knox Light Show directly to help support purchases of equipment, lights, and hosting are greatly appreciated by clicking the link below