West Knoxville Light Show





Catalyst Technology Group USA, Inc. is a service-disabled veteran-owned company that provides IT equipment, licensing, supplies and professional support services to a broad spectrum of industries, health-care systems, educational institutions,and local, state and federal government agencies and prime contractors.





Light-O-Rama is a leading manufacturer and retailer of systems used to create animated shows involving lights, music and motion. Our hardware and software engineers, seasoned support technicians and certified dealer network strive to provide you with excellent products as well as excellent service. During the really busy times of the year every available person switches to customer support providing our customers a level of service rarely seen in this industry.





WOWLights is a certified Light-O-Rama dealer.  They offer lighting controllers,accessories, and sequences.





The SanDevices controllers act as the bridge between your PC and the pixels. Lighting control data is sent from your PC over the standard ethernet LAN connection. The controller connects to your LAN also and receives the E1.31 or Art-Net lighting data from the PC, and converts it into the proper signals to drive the pixel strings.

Each controller can operate up to 16 separate pixel strings (4 strings for the E6804), and by using multiple controllers the number of pixels that can be controlled is virtually limitless.

SanDevices RGB LED pixel controllers are used by:

  • Holiday Displays
  • Night Clubs
  • Broadway and other Stage Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Amusement Parks
  • Mardi Gras Floats
  • Burning Man Vehicles



We love to make people smile, and give back to the community. If you like our light show, please show your appreciation by making a donation to those in need through Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee by clicking the logo below.

Donations to West Knox Light Show directly to help support purchases of equipment, lights, and hosting are greatly appreciated by clicking the link below